Percolation test

To measure soil permeability

Percolation test


A percolation test is required to determine the right domestic wastewater treatment system for your home and the needs of your family. A percolation test determines the permeability of the soil, i.e. the soils capacity to absorb water from the ground. For a more complete analysis, soil samples may be analyzed by a laboratory to determine soil composition and detect the presence of clay, silt or sand.

Envirosol has teamed up with Percotec to conduct these percolation tests. Once the Percotec team has determined the permeability of the soil, they will advise you as to the best type of wastewater treatment system and the ideal location to install it.

Steps of percolation:

  • Perform percolation tests;
  • Collect samples;
  • Laboratory analysis;
  • Interpret results;
  • Draft report;
  • Technical recommendations;
  • Site supervision.
Essais de percolation sur un terrain en Estrie, creusé pour évaluer le type de sol et la profondeur de l'eau infiltrée
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