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Radon detection

Radon is a radioactive gas that emanates from the ground and can be invisible, odorless and tasteless. While it is harmless outdoors, when it infiltrates the home. it can be extremely dangerous to your health.

Radon mitigation

Rest assured, our radon mitigation methods are affordable, and each solution is tailored to your unique situation.

Environmental evaluation Phase I

The Phase 1 environmental evaluation identifies the risks and potential sources of contamination at a given site.

Environmental characterization Phases II and III

Environmental characterization involves carrying out a sampling campaign to confirm the presence and the extent of any contamination.

Environmental remediation

Environmental remediation involves decontaminating the soil and restoring the site to bring it in line with current government standards.

Drinking water analysis

An annual analysis of drinking water of your artesian well gives you the assurance that the quality of the water you consume regularly is safe.

Percolation test

The percolation test is a necessary step that must occur prior to choosing a wastewater treatment system and septic tank.


The identification, demarcation and characterization of wetlands helps protect these eco-systems, which are home to innumerous plant and animal species.

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